pets hospital in Telangana
pets hospital in telangana
TRUSTY VET MULTISPECIALITY PET HOSPITAL, pets hospital in Telangana, you will find all the necessary treatments and equipment required to cure your pet. We do not just cure dogs and cats, but we cure any and every anima l”pets hospital in Telangana”. In every animal all kind of pets including dogs/cats/rabbits/Guinea pig/birds and many more, our main aim is to give them the best services which they deserve. What made us do this is the value of the life of every pets hospital in telangana animal which is too precious to us and we cannot bear to lose them. 
Pet salon in hyderabad, Our patients well being is important to us “pets hospital in Telangana” and because of that, “pets hospital in Telangana” we provide the service of keeping the pets with us when their owners are vet hyderabad out of town and want us to do the same.
Another factor that makes trusty vet “pet salon in hyderabad” and “pets hospital in Telangana” the most reliable veterinary clinic is that we facilitate the patients with Artificial insemination with imported breeds. 
Artificial insemination (AI) is a procedure by which one manually deposits a sperm suspension, fresh or frozen-thawed, into the female reproductive tract to overcome logistical problems vet hyderabad associated with natural mating.
We are providing this facility to our patients and it is the very first time happening in Hyderabad.
We deal with the treatment of the Pyometra issue in pets which is a life-threatening uterine infection that most typically affects older, intact (or unsprayed), female dogs.
The treatment of Mismatch management and termination is also provided by us.
Pregnancy diagnosis is something that deals with the treatment of recto genital palpation and trans-rectal ultrasonography continues to be the method of choice for an accurate and early pregnancy diagnosis in dogs. Our expert doctors deal with this too.
We provide the facility of Semen Analysis which consists of determination of appearance, volume, concentration, motility, and percent morphologically normal sperm. Yellow, brown, or red samples may vet hyderabad indicate the presence of blood or urine in the ejaculate.
Swab test too is performed by our doctors where a nasal swab test is done which checks for viruses and bacteria that cause respiratory infections in dogs.
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  • Hands that heal, hearts that care.

    Doctors are available 24/7

    We are a team of super-dedicated doctors to rescue all the animals reaching us. For the same, we have an Emergency critical care team where all the emergency cases are dealt with by our senior doctors. Our doctors are available 24/7 for serving the patients. 

  • Providing the best of everything

    we have all services

     We will keep all the pets in emergency as inpatient and ICU facilities at most care by providing 24/7 doctors and emergency equipment's like oxygen , ventilator,24/7 monitoring Along with that, we have ambulance services too for the convenience of the patients.

    What we can do for you

    Our Services

    Your pets deserve the finest in veterinary care!

    pets hospital in Telangana

    IDEXX blood test lab

    We are having IDexx blood test lab where every kind of blood gets pets hospital in telangana tested and we deliver the most accurate results out of it. We are having SDMA TECHNOLOGY PROGESTERONE THYROID HORMONAL ASSay also.

    Pet hospital

    Digital x ray

    We provide the facility of digital x ray where even a minute fracture or dislocation in bones of the animals pets hospital in telangana can be spotted and the digital x ray in all vet hyderabad branches not only bone we are doing thoracic as well as abdominal x rays

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    ECG facility is provided by us to our patients so that we can cure the animals in the best pets hospital in telangana possible way. Cardiac patients who is suffering with cardio myopathy, atrial fibrillation, vet hyderabad congestive heart failure, ventricular hypertrophy

    24 May

    2D Echo

    We have the advanced 2D Echo facilities which evaluates pets hospital in telangana the functioning vet hyderabad and assess the section of the patients heart



    We have the facility of ultrasound at our labs where the imaging test is done by using pets hospital in telangana sound waves to create a picture of organs, tissues, and vet hyderabad other structures inside the animal body. We have pregnancy's diagnosis.

    Dialysis machine​

    Dialysis machine

    We are having a proper dialysis machine at our labs so that all the excess water and waste products from the pets hospital in telangana blood of animals can be removed. It's for acute and vet hyderabad chronic kidney failure cases also mention that we have SDMA technology to know early detection of kidney problems

    Blood Bank​

    Blood Bank

    We have a blood bank too where you will be able to find blood from each blood group

    Blood Bank​

    Emergency Ambulance

    We provide the emergency ambulance facilities as well to our patients. First time in Hyderabad we are providing blood transfusion facilities in Hyderabad and vet hyderabad we are maintaining blood bank for anemic and emergency patients

    doorstep service​

    doorstep service

    The doorstep service too is provided by us where we deliver our services to our patients at their door step.

    We took the initiative of having the service of dialysis at our labs and ambulance services and home visit services along with drs and assistance with reasonable price that it's only 399 for the first time in South India.

    Laparoscopic Surgeries​

    Laparoscopic Surgeries

    We have the service of Laparoscopic surgeries which is an operation performed in the abdomen or pelvis using small incisions with the aid of a camera.

    ENDO scope​

    ENDO scope

    We are having the super-advanced facility of ENDO Scope at our labs.

    Laser facilities​

    Laser facilities

    We have laser facilities at our labs which allows the surgeon to accomplish more complex tasks, reduce blood loss, decrease postoperative discomfort, reduce the chance of wound infection, vet hyderabad and achieve better-wound healing. As with any type of surgery, laser surgery has potential risks.

    Your Family Veterinarian

    We’re here for your furry family members

    hospital in Telangana

    We are having cautery light too for our patients. Along with that, we have OT light which helps our doctors to deal with any kind of difficulties during the operation.

    We are having a well-equipped operation theatre with numerous facilities inhibited.

    Our OT is equipped with anesthesia machines with ventilators, which is very useful to animals. We have a proper functioning monitor to have a look at any and every function of animals' bodies.

    Meet the Team

    pet diagnostic centre in telangana
    pet salon in hyderabad

    Dr k Venkat Yadav

    Dr k Venkat Yadav is a professional Chief veterinarian and surgeon with a tremendous experience of 15 years. He is the Owner of a trusty vet multi-specialty hospital. The hospital has been established in 2011 to serve the best to the patient’s and they have been successfully doing this for 10 years and continuing to do the pets hospital in telangana  same. In his 15 years of serving the patients, he did more than thousands of successful surgeries and brought smiles to many faces.
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    pet salon in hyderabad

    Dr. Shashank

    Dr. Shashank. He is a professional doctor of philosophy in medicine (Ph.D in medicine)
    Dr Rachana​
    pet salon in hyderabad

    Dr Rachana

    Dr Rachana is a professional Bvsc & AH, MVsc ( Animal genetics and breeding) degree holder
    Dr Rachana​
    pet salon in hyderabad

    Dr Arvind

    Dr Arvind is a holder of Bvsc and AH degree. He is also an Emergency consultation doctor and night doctor.
    Dr Rachana​
    pet salon in hyderabad

    Dr. Shruthilaya

    Dr. Shruthilaya is the head of Department of Livestock Production Management.
    Dr. Ajay Kumar Reddy
    pet salon in hyderabad

    Dr. Ajay Kumar Reddy

    Dr. Ch Ajay Kumar Reddy is holder M. V. Sc in Veterinary Medicine
    Dr.E. Pravalika​
    pet salon in hyderabad

    Dr.E. Pravalika

    Dr.E.pravalika in livestock production management veterinary surgery and radiology.
    Dr.E. Pravalika​
    pet salon in hyderabad

    Dr K. Aparna

    Dr K. Aparna is a M.V.Sc in Veterinary Pathology degree holder
    pets hospital in Telangana
    pet salon in hyderabad

    Dr Ramsingh Lakavath

    Dr Ramsingh Lakavath is a M.v.Sc, Ph.D and F.S.Lsc degree holder. He is also an Associate professor in the Department of veterinary gynaecology and obstetrics at College of veterinary science Rajendranagar Hyderabad PVNRTVU.

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    Good service from dr Sruthi laya and dr venkat tq for giving me such a huge service

    d govardhan

    Very good atmosphere for the pets to have lovable treatment

    Galaxy Enterprises

    Best doctor in the jubliee hills and Thankfull to doctor venkat for providing such services.

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